THE MIND PLATTER by Najwa Zebian

I was going through Najwa Zebian’s Instagram when I saw some motivational videos of hers and read some quotes. I found her work so inspiring that I bought her book “The mind Platter”. The way she speaks, in every single word there is pain, strength, anguish, experiences, and her will to fight & shine against all odds.Her journey is so visible in her words, she explained the heartbreaks so beautifully and promised another tomorrow, she reminded her readers that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, I hope I am not wrong if I say “motivation” is her genre.“If they break the promises that they once made, it does not mean that you were not worth making these promises come true. I mean that they are no longer willing to put in the effort to live up to their words. You did your part by believing their words. And that’s what good people do. Even if there is a chance the other people lying, we believe them. Not because we are naive. But because we believe in them. we believe in their ability to fulfill the words they have said. We know that it’s much easier to give up on someone than it is to make a difference in their lives by being someone who believed in them” Mind Platter^

I overall liked the book. The only thing that bothered me was the long passages and because of those long paragraphs, I kept losing connection at times. I personally appreciate a short and sweet way of writing where I get what I’m looking for in just two-three lines but her words were the reflection of her reality, her journey & reality can’t always be sweet and precise.

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