Review “Sweet tooth” Walled city

Sweet tooth is a colorful and radiant restaurant in androon Lahore, they brought the old cinema, art and gandasa culture to life with their theme, wall art. I simply loved their interior and classic vibe. Sweet tooth is not a crowdy place, their staff is very welcoming, you can enjoy a peaceful sunset on their rooftop with a heartwarming view of Badshahi mosque and Shahi Qila. (they have amazing music too).

    Amusing details       

 The finest chocolate shake in town       

    Art art and art everywhere    

Trust me! I had so much fun  I can’t wait to go back so, if you are in Lahore & want to enjoy both Lahore & western put “Sweet tooth” at the top of your list.

4 thoughts on “Review “Sweet tooth” Walled city

  1. Nice. Unfortunately, its on the other side of the border. Beautiful though!
    Its wonderful to read some of the post, you are really trying to say something in most of your posts.

    Some kind of Ms. Quiet and Serious. Take care!!

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      1. It is fortunate for you to go to such cafe.. since it is beyond LOC for us here.. so makes it come under unfortunate side. 😊 Thanks.

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