Review: My feudal lord by Tehmina Durrani

My feudal lord revolves around a prominent politician and a feudal lord Mr Khar and a woman from a wealthy, ultra-modern family. With a disturbed childhood.

She wanted to shake society’s foundations by exposing the feudal mind set and how inhumane they are but unfortunately her book lacks honesty. She portrays herself as completely innocent and plays the women card skilfully. But she also raises important issues like domestic violence and feudalism. Its a grim truth of our country & that needs to be addressed.

I don’t support feudalism or domestic violence but every biography is always a one sided-story and biased it needs immense amount of courage to write an impartial biography where you pin point your own mistakes and flaws too.

I enjoyed reading this book and learned a great deal but no one is completely naive and virtuous. There are always two sides of every story, be aware of the half truth, don’t be judgmental.

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