Book review: The Wandering falcon by Jamil Ahmad

The wandering falcon by jamil ahmed

I don’t like to spoil any major plot twists in my reviews, i will do the same for this one as well.

The wandering falcon is an engaging book and its author is even more interesting “Jamil Ahmed a civil servant/writer made his debut at the age of 78.

The wandering falcon is all about tribal areas & mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Their norms and traditions which they follow religiously and have lasted longer than any ruler. They are both pleasant and vicious.

This extraordinary journey begins with a young girl who eloped with a boy & years later their bloodthirsty families hunt them down, leaving behind their little boy “Tor baz” who was later adopted by a baloch freedom fighter. Torbaz became the wandering falcon, traveling from the tribal areas of Pakistan/ FATA ,Pak-Afghan border to the dreadful mountains of Balochistan.

No one has explained the tribal areas, their customs, their compassion & brutality so beautifully, as Jamil Ahmed has.The way he unraveled their austerity, generosity and honor reflects that he observed them so closely and lived their life during his time in remote areas.

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