Five random facts about myself 🌸

•An amateur writer who admires rumi , Ghalib, Faiz, Omar Khayyam and many more…

•A compulsive procrastinator and extremely proud of my playlist(specially the Bollywood 💃🏻& Persian ones)

•Love Damon salvatore, fariy lights and starry nights

•When i am not day dreaming i shoot ,feel & write!

•quietest person in any gathering with not so quite mind.

i am tagging my favourite blogger so they can also tell me five fun facts about their selves







11 thoughts on “Five random facts about myself 🌸

  1. 1) I speak super slow like a child
    2) I’m also a super-ultra-humangasaur procrastinator
    3) I’m a very simple kind of guy (atleast that’s what I think)
    4) My laziness is over 9000
    5) And most important of all I’m super ultra-duper-awkward when meeting people ( whether they be new or old)
    Well except for some of my friends

    There’s so much more cringyness in me but I can’t just write them 😂😂
    Anyways, Thanks for letting me write 5 facts.
    Means a lot 🙏🙏

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    1. Your always welcome .. if you are mirza ghalib fan than you will enjoy my next post … it will be about a novel related to mirza ghalib .. will post it soon
      Thanks for stopping by and reading my posts 🙃

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