Book review: Dozakhnama by Rabisankar bal

“Anyone can write history. All it needs is memory. But to write a story you must have the power to dream”- Dozakhnama

You need a lot of courage and determination if you are writing a review about a book like ‘Dozakhnama’. A friend of mine suggested this book to me a long time ago but what got my attention was its title “Dozakhnama – conversation in hell” its not just a book it is a literary journey through which you will experience the culturally rich old times.

A conversation between Ghalib and Manto from (dozakh) hell. Someone who adore poetry and literature can’t ask for anything more. It was basically written in Bengali by Rabisanker Bal and translated by Arunava Sinha.

غم ہستی کا اسدؔ کس سے ہو جز مرگ علاج

شمع ہر رنگ میں جلتی ہے سحر ہوتے تک …

I am a huge Ghalib admirer so finding a new shair on every page made it more compelling for me. A part of me wanted to finish it in one night and the other one wanted to read this book forever.

An ancient history of Indian customs and traditions, from Kashi to Delhi, from Lahore to Bombay every single story was more exciting than the last one. I just couldn’t stop reading.

Dozakhnama is a blend of legendary poet Mirza Ghalib and Sadat Hassan Manto, a fearless writer who slapped society in its face with the harsh & unspoken realities.

No review can do justice to this masterpiece. I just tried to express my views. Every reader will find something to appreciate. I would recommend it to all who enjoy literature and classics.









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