Once upon a time ✨

Not every story starts with a crystal sandal, not all endings are “happily ever after”

These are the fairytales kids (particularly girls) are raised on. I myself grew up reading these beautiful tales, where all the endings were happy and in the end the prince always saved his princess.
As little girls, we absorb such ideas and let them have a subliminal effect on our tiny brains. “That the prince will save us in the end we just have to wait patiently”.
We need to change that mindset, we need to tell ourselves that the only person we need is us – our very own self.
(No! No! No! Don’t take me wrong I am no supporter of “apna khana khud garam karo”. I support the right kind of feminism).
This is the first step to a never-ending journey called ‘self-love and acceptance’.
‘Ourself’ is something we forget so easily, finding flaws in our being, taking ourselves forgranted, crying over small things, regretting even the most innocent of mistakes, anyone can break our tiny little heart…
We are not as fragile as the world portrays us. We want a prince but we don’t need one we can build our own castle.
All we need to do is start appreciating everything we have, own every single mistake (mistakes are a crucial part of our growth), fall in love with our imperfections, be (unapologetically) ourself, be kind, show the world & ourselves that how worthy we are!
Happiness is inside us, you can’t depend on someone for something that is inside you. Start a love-affair with yourself, be your first flame, give your best shot, try to make yourself happy (not at the cost of others, of course).
Hopefully 💫, one day soon InshaAllah we will learn to be happy with ourselves. How can we love someone else if we don’t love ourselves. 🕊️







Do share your thoughts 💭 fellas 🌻























15 thoughts on “Once upon a time ✨

  1. Do you mind keeping other’s happiness at stake to get that eternal bliss you need? I mean it’s not just about others I know but sometimes it is portrayed as mean and rude if we begin to think about ourselves!
    I’ve been called heartless due to that😃
    But I love it as long as I’m happy!
    Great share !😃

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  2. Not every story starts with a crystal sandal, not all endings are “happily ever after”, and I will add that all of them will have stormy days, and in between chapters of rainbow!
    Happiness, self-confidence, love yourself, be strong, they’re all chapters in life, and inside of them you will find crystal sandals, happy ever after, storms, rainbow, scars… Life is the greatest teacher we have, and all we end up being yes it will depend on us, but also on everything and everyone that one way or another is part of our patchwork quilt.
    And there’s no correct order of getting it right. Sometimes it has to start with ourselves, but most of the times it starts with little stitches and obstacles of life that lead your way…
    So sorry for my mumbling! 😊

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  3. I totally agree that we need to learn how to love ourselves and be happy alone before seeking love outside and no one can save anyone, I don’t believe in princes and princesses, I believe with loving people, caring people, loyal people, honest people, people with human beings qualities that stand beside you when you need them and accompany you in this journey of life, but it’s not their job to save you or to complete you or whatsoever…If you can’t be happy on your own, nobody can ever makes you happy
    sorry I just saw this post 🙂


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