Book Review: Veronica decides to die by maestro Paulo Coelho

Veronica Decides to Die 🍂

I have previously read Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece “The Alchemist” and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Alchemist was one hell of a journey, answers to all the questions we ask ourselves. Veronica Decides to Die is on a completely different subject but her journey towards self discovery is something that only Coelho can make you understand in such an effortless way.

VDTD is Veronica’s story; a small town girl who tries to take her life by overdosing on sleeping pills and ends up in a mental asylum.

When life was slipping away (the life she desperately wanted to end) Veronica realized she wanted to live. It’s a story about her journey of self discovery, how she learns more about herself and the importance of life.

We all have a little Veronica inside ourselves, sitting in a corner of our brains, observing quietly and telling us from time to time how ordinary and unpleasant our lives are.

Few days back I was feeling low, complaining about life, in-short my inner Veronica was very active 😒 someone said to me:

“I believe that life is beautiful. There is so much in the world to do, so many people to see. Zest for life honi chahiye. Drive for life. Being alive is a miracle. Make it count. Fall in love, go through heartbreaks, make friends, lose friends, see mountains and canyons. Travel, read, discover new things, push the limit to life”.

So, I believe it’s all about positivity and perception. What you perceive becomes your reality. We should adopt positivity and optimism as a way of life. 💟

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