Book Review: Veronica decides to die by maestro Paulo Coelho

Veronica Decides to Die 🍂

I have previously read Paulo Coelho’s masterpiece “The Alchemist” and thoroughly enjoyed it. The Alchemist was one hell of a journey, answers to all the questions we ask ourselves. Veronica Decides to Die is on a completely different subject but her journey towards self discovery is something that only Coelho can make you understand in such an effortless way.

VDTD is Veronica’s story; a small town girl who tries to take her life by overdosing on sleeping pills and ends up in a mental asylum.

When life was slipping away (the life she desperately wanted to end) Veronica realized she wanted to live. It’s a story about her journey of self discovery, how she learns more about herself and the importance of life.

We all have a little Veronica inside ourselves, sitting in a corner of our brains, observing quietly and telling us from time to time how ordinary and unpleasant our lives are.

Few days back I was feeling low, complaining about life, in-short my inner Veronica was very active 😒 someone said to me:

“I believe that life is beautiful. There is so much in the world to do, so many people to see. Zest for life honi chahiye. Drive for life. Being alive is a miracle. Make it count. Fall in love, go through heartbreaks, make friends, lose friends, see mountains and canyons. Travel, read, discover new things, push the limit to life”.

So, I believe it’s all about positivity and perception. What you perceive becomes your reality. We should adopt positivity and optimism as a way of life. 💟

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My first Liebster award nomination ever 💫

I’m extremely happy. This is my first Liebster award . I have been nominated by (sorry i don’t know how to tag)

Thank you so much for nominating me and it really means a lot . 

If you want to read amazing content than visit her blog. She is such an inspiration. Her posts about Pakistan are my favourite 🌻


Rules are the same as sunshine. only eleven facts about yourself are required. ( as an additional rule).

11 facts about myself:

1: I’m not a morning person. 

2: I am a huge super hero and vampire series fan.

3: I want to travel the whole wide world 🗺

4: I hate people who bitch about other people. 

5: I’m a libra.

6: I find cooking very therapeutic . 

7: I really wanted to become a singer but my voice is zzzzzzz 🙊

8: I have different personality for different people ..i act accordingly

9: I am claustrophobic .

10: A little religious i feel like i have a unique connection with GOD.

11: Mental health and peace is my utmost priority. 

 questionnaire for me:
1: what is your favourite colour?

My all-time favourite colour is Black and blue.

2: Do you like animals?

I love animals but i am scared of cats. I know it’s strange but thats meeee 🌻beautiful

3: Do you have a favourite animal?

My dog died few years back i still miss him. His name was Tyson (German shepherd).

4: Do you have a pet?

Quite few pets we own, a cat , dogs ,birds 🙂

Her name is niksa 💕

5: Do you enjoy vacations?

Who doesn’t 🌝

6: Do you like short (1 week) or long (3 weeks or more) vocations?

3 weeks or more specially when i am in Northern areas of Pakistan 🇵🇰

📸 me 💕

7: Do you prefer to stay in your own country for vocations or go to other countries?

The day i’ll be done exploring my own beautiful country and i will have enough money 💰 i’ll buy a ticket to Morocco , Turkey and Europe .

8: Do you enjoy flying?

I do ✈️

9: When did you start blogging?


10: Why did you start blogging?

its my passion, i want to communicate with the world 🗺 i want express and helping people who are suffering from depression, anxiety are my priority, i want to tell them all i am always there for them.

11: Why do you follow my blog?

Beautifully written posts and i always enjoy following other Pakistani bloggers … your content is also really good ..

Questionnaire for my Nominees:

1: Does fear thrives within us or we adopt from our surroundings?

If we are not strong (mentally) we adopt our from surroundings

2: Why do we worried when we believe in God?

Because we are humans “Beshak insan bara hi jald baaz waqiya howa hai”

3: Is Altruism self-learned or just a condition of helping others in particular situations?


4: Can words reveal your personality?

Nope- not at all but i tried many times

5: Where do you see me by the mirror of the words I use?


6: Last time you watched a cartoon?

Don’t remember

7: Pain killers or natural therapies?

Prefer natural therapies

8: Do you know what is the object I’ve used as an award logo?

9: Do you smoke? (if yes, then why)

Nope i am allergic

10: How many springs of life you have seen?

Literally or actually?

11: You may ask one question to me?

What’s life?

My Nominees:

Once upon a time ✨

Not every story starts with a crystal sandal, not all endings are “happily ever after”

These are the fairytales kids (particularly girls) are raised on. I myself grew up reading these beautiful tales, where all the endings were happy and in the end the prince always saved his princess.
As little girls, we absorb such ideas and let them have a subliminal effect on our tiny brains. “That the prince will save us in the end we just have to wait patiently”.
We need to change that mindset, we need to tell ourselves that the only person we need is us – our very own self.
(No! No! No! Don’t take me wrong I am no supporter of “apna khana khud garam karo”. I support the right kind of feminism).
This is the first step to a never-ending journey called ‘self-love and acceptance’.
‘Ourself’ is something we forget so easily, finding flaws in our being, taking ourselves forgranted, crying over small things, regretting even the most innocent of mistakes, anyone can break our tiny little heart…
We are not as fragile as the world portrays us. We want a prince but we don’t need one we can build our own castle.
All we need to do is start appreciating everything we have, own every single mistake (mistakes are a crucial part of our growth), fall in love with our imperfections, be (unapologetically) ourself, be kind, show the world & ourselves that how worthy we are!
Happiness is inside us, you can’t depend on someone for something that is inside you. Start a love-affair with yourself, be your first flame, give your best shot, try to make yourself happy (not at the cost of others, of course).
Hopefully 💫, one day soon InshaAllah we will learn to be happy with ourselves. How can we love someone else if we don’t love ourselves. 🕊️







Do share your thoughts 💭 fellas 🌻

Hola 🌝 readers 📖

Hola ! Today I want to talk about my reading habits, some do’s and don’ts, preferences. Actually I want to talk about book reading because I can’t tell you how much I miss reading. I’m even unable to finish my current read as I’m super duper busy in my research 🤯

* I started reading at the age of 9.
* I hated school but my love for libraries increased with every single day.
* While reading a book I cannot stop thinking about the writer. Few days back I was reading ‘The Prophet by Khalil Jibran’ & I was amazed how beautifully he constructed every sentence.
* I am extremely sensitive about my books 📖 (I have serious trust issues) I only give my books to Meher & Hirra (my bffs) They are their God mothers. 😇
* I just don’t understand how people fall asleep while reading – humari tou raaton ki nend haraam hojati hai bhai!
* I try to find more time to read out of curiosity and excitement.





QOTD: what excites you the most when you start a new book?





Book review: Dozakhnama by Rabisankar bal

“Anyone can write history. All it needs is memory. But to write a story you must have the power to dream”- Dozakhnama

You need a lot of courage and determination if you are writing a review about a book like ‘Dozakhnama’. A friend of mine suggested this book to me a long time ago but what got my attention was its title “Dozakhnama – conversation in hell” its not just a book it is a literary journey through which you will experience the culturally rich old times.

A conversation between Ghalib and Manto from (dozakh) hell. Someone who adore poetry and literature can’t ask for anything more. It was basically written in Bengali by Rabisanker Bal and translated by Arunava Sinha.

غم ہستی کا اسدؔ کس سے ہو جز مرگ علاج

شمع ہر رنگ میں جلتی ہے سحر ہوتے تک …

I am a huge Ghalib admirer so finding a new shair on every page made it more compelling for me. A part of me wanted to finish it in one night and the other one wanted to read this book forever.

An ancient history of Indian customs and traditions, from Kashi to Delhi, from Lahore to Bombay every single story was more exciting than the last one. I just couldn’t stop reading.

Dozakhnama is a blend of legendary poet Mirza Ghalib and Sadat Hassan Manto, a fearless writer who slapped society in its face with the harsh & unspoken realities.

No review can do justice to this masterpiece. I just tried to express my views. Every reader will find something to appreciate. I would recommend it to all who enjoy literature and classics.









Do you remember the first book you read ?#Sidneysheldon

When I started reading English literature, Sidney Sheldon’s “Tell me your dreams?” was my introduction to English novels and (since) then I have fallen in love with his books. He is one of the world’s most admired writer. The sense of anticipation, curiosity, exceptional research, are the requisite ingredients for the magic he creates in his books. Every book is a masterpiece from ‘Bloodline’ to ‘The Best Laid Plans’. He truly is the master of unexpected.

“I am tired of the lies & the cheating, & the broken promises that were never meant to be kept” – The Doomsday Conspiracy

“She could go from a blissful euphoria to a desperate misery she had no control over her emotions” – Tell Me Your Dreams

This book gave me goosebumps, it was a story of a woman named Ashley Patterson who was sexually abused by her father, causing her to develop split personality disorder, she was possessed by three different personalities.

With every turning page there was a new twist, something one never expected, his writing craft is so engaging that you just want to read more and more. I didn’t put down the book for a moment. It was one of the most terrific crime novel with jaw-dropping climax.

🌻Highly recommended. I loved it 💕 you will like it too.

QOTD: Do you remember the first book you read?

For the love of books 🦋

Three questions for books lovers 💗

  1. Your favourite book?
  2. Your favourite reading spot?
  3. Fiction or non-fiction?

My answers are :

Forty rules of love 💖

Coffee shop (table talk)

Both 🦋

I would love to know your answers, thank you 🙏🏻










The versatile blogger award 🥇

I am glad that nominated me again i am so overwhelmed by the love of our amazing bloggers. I have just started my blog and receiving immense amount of love and praise. Ms eager beaver has an amazing blog and her writing is extremely relatable, you will feel like she is talking about you, your thoughts, about common realities, do check out her blog and here is my favourite post from her blog.

The rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

1. Thank the person who nominated you.

2. Link to the blog of the person who nominated you.

3. State 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate other bloggers who bring joy into your daily life.

7 facts about myself

  1. I am an insomniac, i just can’t sleep.
  2. I am unbelievably emotional and cold at the same time.
  3. I do paint sometime (born artists 😏)
  4. I am a huge iron man fan and sobbed when he died in Endgame 😔
  5. I like old cities & ancient history more than luxury places & page 3 news
  6. I feel extreme pleasure in helping people with mental health issues (actually helped quite a lot) i hate people hating themselves.
    I still watch tom & jerry 🐭
  • My nominees are :

    Makeup-Skin care product review “Four must haves for every girl out there”

    I am going to review my favourite products and i will share my personal experience. I hope you will like it..

    Tea tree oil

    Tea-tree oil by The body shop is a life saver for acne prone and blemished skin. It will prevent your acne from getting worse and it works really fast you will be amazed. All skin types can use this product. Apply directly onto affected area with cotton bud or fingertip and relax.

    The body shop

    Tea-tree oil 20ml for 2050/pkr

    British rose body butter

    British rose body butter is extremely hydrating, absorbs quickly, non-sticky , leave the skin so smooth and gives an instant glow, it has the most pleasant and fantastic aroma of roses I have ever laid my nose on. highly recommended.

    “Highlight so they can see you from space”

    Huda Beauty 3D highlighter palette is the new sunshine ☀️ like every other girl i wanted to own a palette too and i am loving it.

    •It can make any skin tone look radiant.

    •It’s extremely long-lasting with unbelievable pigmentation.

    •Combo of four, three powder highlighters and a creamy one :

    I prefer applying it with finger tips because with brushed it’s really hard to blend.

    Trust me you don’t need another highlighter if you have this one.

    Its a 10/10 ✨

    Beautify by Amna 24k gold serum and pro-fade Primer

    After, all the hype of beautify by Amna’s serum & primer on social media I thought I should try it too!

    I have extremely dry skin & my foundation used to look patchy and cakey even after using moisturizer. Their 24k gold serum does wonders, it is basically a father of all moisturizers, few drops of serum will leave your skin exceptionally hydrated and will leave soft radiant glow.

    As they say “it’s a crime not to prime”

    Pro fade Primer has a silky texture

    Smooth over fine lines and hide large pores

    It helps makeup to stay longer and flawless

    Enhance makeup.

    I am really impressed by their products, I am not sure about oily skin but it is an excellent choice if you have dry or normal to dry skin its perfect!

    Highly recommended 🌸

    Five random facts about myself 🌸

    •An amateur writer who admires rumi , Ghalib, Faiz, Omar Khayyam and many more…

    •A compulsive procrastinator and extremely proud of my playlist(specially the Bollywood 💃🏻& Persian ones)

    •Love Damon salvatore, fariy lights and starry nights

    •When i am not day dreaming i shoot ,feel & write!

    •quietest person in any gathering with not so quite mind.

    i am tagging my favourite blogger so they can also tell me five fun facts about their selves